The Training They Need When They Need It Most

The COBRA Gold Solution to the problem of self defence and personal safety for teens and college bound students. Teenagers venture away from adult and parental supervision and this group is statistically considered an "easy target"

Often naive about real world violence, and constantly bombarded with distractions and creative ways of getting in trouble with the predators who target them.

Teens often makes decisions on “group” acceptance instead of what’s really the best course of action for them. This can lead them falling into someone's web of influence.

As teens start to discover their new social life, alcohol, drugs and circles of influence become major factors in keeping safe. We teach them confident ways to stay aware and in control.

A major threat for this demographic is their continued and chronic preoccupation with immediate technology. All to often, personal safety takes a back seat to checking social media, texts and e-mails.

Youth violence is a significant public health problem that affects thousands of young people each day. We teach the awareness skills to spot danger and the confidence skills to talk themselves out of a situation.

By placing the participants into constantly evolving, realistic situations, they start to problem solve, understand, and adapt to the psychology of criminal intent.

By teaching prevention strategies that are simple, effective and easy to learn, engagement and retention is greatly improved which leads to higher levels of confidence.

Support Your Child With A Teen Safe Course