Our Programs

This is where you will find out about the programs that we offer. Click on the links below to be taken to that page or use the website menu bar.

  • Child Abduction Prevention
    School Talks
    Anti Bully Response Plan
    1 Day Courses
  • Teen Safe
    College Safe
  • Ladies Night Out
    Ladies Only Group Training
  • 5 Week and 10 Week Academies
    Group Training
    One Day Survival Camp
    Immersion Training
  • Employee Safety
    Team Building
    Verbal De-escalation
    Motivational Speaking
  • Real Estate Safety
  • Active Shooter Response Training
    Knife Attack Response Training
  • Become A COBRA Owner
    Instructor Certification
    Online Certification
    Face To Face Training
  • One On One
    Small Group
    Elite Private Training
  • Online Courses
    Virtual Training
    Downloadable Content
    Books and Videos

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