Our Goal Is To Teach 1,000,000 Children Worldwide

Using Law Enforcement based principles and topics such as awareness, using the voice, emergencies, dealing with adrenaline and physical strategies.

By applying a range of teaching methodologies learning and retention is dramatically improved. Children learn best when they are actively engaged in purposeful learning experiences. We ensure this by having the students carry out physical activities, rather than just listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

The course is outcome based and is gradually and subtly ramped up with age specific intensity as the children's confidence grows. We identify the appropriate strategies to support their improvement. We challenge them but constantly set them up for success with positive reinforcement to enhance those outcomes.

Children receive the tools and training to confidently handle problematic situations which enhances cognitive abilities, motor skill development and communication abilities. Bio-mechanical feedback is used to reinforce good decision making choices so that they learn to adapt to realistic situations while building awareness and confidence.

An Overview Of What We Teach

Developed in Australia and now taught around the World.

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C.A.P Online Access
  • C.A.P answers a parents worst fears with an actual plan for children that has the single focus of anti-abduction training. There has never been anything like it before.
  • The Full Two Hour Module Of The C.A.P. Program (A "live" class as taught by the originator of the C.A.P program)
  • Strangers
  • Awareness
  • Emergencies
  • Distance Drills
  • Using The Voice
  • Anchors
  • Vehichle Abductions
  • Physical Scenarios
  • A PDF Copy Of Please Keep Me Safe By Best Selling Author, Glenn Stevens

Everyone Needs A Support Team... Let COBRA Be Yours!

"Children are legally obligated to share space with their harassers at school all day, every weekday. It’s torment.”

– Dr. Joel Haber, author of “Bullyproof Your Child for Life.”

Everyone has the right to experience positive relationships based on value, respect for others, cooperation and responsibility. Inappropriate behaviour interferes with the wellbeing of children so we have a shared responsibility to create a safe and happy environment, free from all forms of bullying. 

Using this law enforcement based, non violent and non confrontational course you'll follow proven, established protocols to create early intervention strategies such as an evidence trail, a chain of custody and thus, build a rock solid case against the bully.

From deciding your family's definition of bullying to putting policies and protocols in place to deal with situations that provide the most appropriate course of action for your child and your family.

By leveraging the unique elements of the program parents and victims take advantage of the resources in place to provide a circle of trust and to put a powerful stop to bullying.

An evidence based approach assures accurate recollection of situations without blowing things out of proportion or over-reacting, which allows you to resolve it effectively by getting the proper authorities involved.

The strategies come from real-life law enforcement experience. which makes this program the most complete and comprehensive of its kind when it comes to dealing with any and all types of bullies.

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