Planning Saves Lives!

There is a need for armed assailant training that goes beyond run and hide. It is vitally important that each organisation has a plan (and training) in place to prepare its employees on how to respond.

Knowing what to do under active shooter circumstances will greatly increase your chances of survival.

From the initial moment when shots are fired, until the police arrive, this course has been created to be taught in a short space of time no matter what experience you have.

Situations are often unpredictable and evolve quickly, so it's important to provide guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, so that they can prepare for and respond to an active shooter situation.

ven though it's a very serious subject, each course is taught in a fun and engaging manner with the instructors using teachable moments to help guide the participants.

If a crisis situation does occur, having more people with the skills and knowledge to respond appropriately can save lives. We get you working together as a cohesive unit quickly and effectively.

COBRA'S Simple 15 Point Plan

A brief overview of the material taught on an active shooter course.


If you hear or see a shooter and can escape the house or school or business, immediately do so.


Your priorities must change if there are children present. How can you quickly guide the child to safety?


Know the shooter’s inherent weaknesses and the tactics you can use as a last resort?


Be ready to work as a team and engage the shooter with overwhelming force if he manages to gain entry.


If the weapon becomes free, how do you bring this situation to an end quickly and efficiently?


Cover = putting a protective cover between you and the shooter. Concealment = hide so he cant see you


Create an improvised ballistic shield. What can you use to protect your vital organs?


There is a window of opportunity where engagement has the highest chance of success.


Using improvised weapons in the stack team to overpower the gunman and extract the weapon.


Understand the shooter’s state of mind and act quickly as a last chance of survival


Stay low, move fast, and put as much space between you and the shooter as possible.


How can you effectively engage an active shooter with the least risk of being shot?


When you see that window of opportunity how can you exploit it in your favour?


Use objects to interrupt the shooter’s vision and help the stack team engage the shooter.


This will be a highly charged situation for everyone involved. How can you help the police regain control?

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